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  • Mr. Zhangdingjin Met With Mr. Kunkazu Nishigushi
    On July 8, Mr. Zhangdingjin and Mr.Xuejirui met with Mr. Kunkazu Nishigushi, director of building material department of Japan Printing Co. for the cooperation on the wallpaper and plastic film.
  • Mr. Lizhihe Meet Singapore Guests
    Mr. Lizhihe, deputy general manager of CCGC, met with Mr. Houjunyu, special assistant of Chairman of Wuhelam Holdings Ltd Singapore. He pointed out that CCGC paid great importance to the cooperative flying boat project a...
  • The Construction of CCGC Lianyungang Composites Garden Kick-off
    On June 28, the ceremony on the construction of CCGC Lianyungang Composites Garden as well as the signature of founding Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd is held in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province. According to ...
  • Governor of Jiangsu Province Meet Group Leaders
    On June 27, Mr. Liangbaohua, governor of Jiangsu Province, and Mr. Jiangdingzhi, standing vice governor, met Mr. Songzhiping, general manager of China Building Material Group and Mr. Zhangrenwei, chairman of China Buildi...

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