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China’s First 1.5MW Bamboo Fiber Blade Operating Efficiently

        In December, 2010, the 40.3-meter-long bamboo fiber wind turbine blade was successfully off the production line of Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd. In January, 2011, the blade was equipped with Sinovel’s 1.5MW generator set, and subsequently began operating in Huaneng Shandong wind farm. Up till now, it has been generating electric power for more than 4000 hours in good working condition.
        Statistics from January to March, 2011 show that the generator set met the all the requirements on generation capacity, power curve, and the like. On Apr. 4th, 2011, the generator unit was ceaselessly operating for over 8 hours under full load.
        Zhongfu Lianzhong’s 40.3-meter-long, 1.5MW bamboo wind turbine blade was designed structurally optimized in accordance with the character of bamboo, and manufactured by advanced processes. Natural bamboo fiber is a kind of green material. Applying the degradable bamboo materials into the wind turbine blade makes wind power industry more environmental friendly, meeting the requirement of developing China’s low carbon economy.

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