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Zhongfu Xigang Successfully Launched China’s First Advanced Composites Vessel for Scientific Research

        On April 9, 2012, the 25.5 meter-long composites vessel jointly developed by Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., Ltd. and Russian Pacific Fleet Maritime Search and Research Center was successfully launched. Many senior officials of the city attended the ceremony.
        The launch of 25.5-meter-long composites vessel for scientific research successfully opened the domestic and foreign market of advanced composites vessels for scientific research, substantially boosted China’s ability of vessel design and scientific observation, tremendously broadened the fields of scientific research, and accelerated the development of China’s advanced composites vessels for scientific research.
        The vessel featuring high-speed, oil-saving, anti-corrosive, anti-wind & wave is equipped with advance foreign undersea detectors and scientific research process systems. It has a comprehensive ability characterized by undersea detecting, atmospheric sounding, sea floor mapping, undersea recording, undersea potential dangerous objects identifying and maritime rescue. All above marvelously meet the requirements of maritime research, greatly level up the ability of maritime detecting and scientific maritime researching and vigorously promote the development of scientific research in industry.

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