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Zhongfu Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) First Installed in Lian Yungang City

  Zhongfu Carbon Fiber Core Cable Technology Co.,Ltd. installed its Aluminum Conductor Composite Core (ACCC) in Lian Yungang 35KV Huamao Line Renewal Project (Double Capacity Conductor) on June 14th 2012. The new line operates well and successfully. It is the first application case adopting ACCC in Lian Yungang city.
  The project adopted JRLX/T-150/30 ACCC of 1025 meters long with single-circuit installation that made the most of ACCC’s double capacitance. The new cable doubled the transmission capacity and decreased tedious work and renovation cost while remaining the original distance between towers the same. The project enhanced tremendously the capacity of power supply, making it more stable and economic.
  ACCC is a new conceptual overhead transmission line featuring high strength, excellent current-carrying capacity, terrific heat resistance, low linear expansion coefficient, lightweight, and cracking anti-erosion and the like.
  The project symbolized a success of Zhongfu Carbon Fiber Core Cable Technology Co.,Ltd. in stepping into the threshold of overhead transmission line market and laid a solid foundation for future development.



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