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President Zhang Dingjin held meetings with former American Ambassador, Board Director of Huntsman Hong Bopei (John Huntsman Jr.)

  On July 13th, former American Ambassador, Board Director of Huntsman Hong Bopei (John Huntsman Jr.) paid a visit to the home office of China Composite Group Co., Ltd.(CCGC), and held meetings with Zhang Dingjin, President of CCGC and Ren Guifang, President of Zhongfu Lianzhong. They exchanged ideas on expanding cooperation on raw material supply.

Mr. Hong Bopei was accompanied by Steen Weien Hansen, Vice President-Asia Pacific and Lesley Chi, Commercial Director-Great China,from Huntsman Advanced Materials.

  The former ambassador gave a positive recall of past cooperation, claiming it to be effective and beneficial to both sides after a brief introduction to all seated about Huntsman and its business. He appreciated CCGC’s efforts to establish such long term cooperation, and chose Huntsman as its raw material supplier. He also announced Huntsman expected to offer according the requirement from CCGC the most high-quality products and services.

  Mr. Zhang Dingjin gave a sincere welcome to the visitation by Mr. Hong Bopei and his colleagues. He commented that Huntsman is the core supplier of CCGC, providing the latter in the past experience with good-performance raw materials and service. The history of cooperation must in a larger sense consolidate future collaboration, regardless of industrial stagnancy. He also assured that despite overall industrial depression, the core strategy of CCGC, which put quality at the first place, will never change. CCGC will, in no cases, degrade its products under the pressure of costs. He hopes bilateral cooperation could be extended to more business sectors such as wind blade, composite cables, etc. for a win-win situation.



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