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Zhongfu Lianzhong wrote a new chapter on blade internationalization

  Zhongfu Lianzhong recently signed an over ten-thousand-million dollar order of its blade export. This is the third export order since the beginning of 2013.
  Zhongfu Lianzhong strengthened its innovation investment and technical innovation system building since the company introduced 1.5MW blade in 2005. The technical center of Zhongfu Lianzhong is certified as National Enterprise Technology Center and a postdoctoral research station is set up in it with the approval of relevant authorities. Zhongfu Lianzhong established China’s first whole scale blade test center which passed the lab certification of CNAS. The turbine blade from the company has enlarged to 9 series including more than 30 different types of blades. Its 6MW turbine blades which have operated for nearly 2 year in the wind farm sufficiently meet the needs of wind industry with rapid development. With a leading market share in China, Zhongfu Lianzhong takes all efforts to carry out the strategy of internationalization, exploring with full energy the foreign market. Its product and service quality is recognized by all customers home and abroad.
  In 2012, Zhongfu Lianzhong exported 200 sets of blades. In early 2013, it also signed several orders. Its products will first be export to countries such as Germany. The products Zhongfu Lianzhong is exported to over 10 countries including Brazil, UK, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Korea, Japan, etc. Zhongfu Lianzhong has an increasing market influence both in China and overseas today.


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