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Zhongfu Lianzhong’s 75m-6MW Off-shore Wind Blade Demolded

China’ longest wind blade was demolded recently in Lian Yungang, Jiangsu Province. It was designed for 6.0 MW rotors. 75 meters in length, it answered market requirement for big-sized blades, proving China has secured most advanced technology in blade design and manufacturing. Given a name LZ75-6.0, it was supposed to greatly boost China’s off-shore wind market.

This new type tried both glass fiber and carbon fiber at the beginning as the only reinforced material for the main spar. By various tests and assessment, advantages and disadvantages of both materials were clarified before carbon fiber was finally chosen to achieve the most optimized structure design.

The research team also carefully studied a good amount of cases home and abroad in carbon fiber blade manufacturing. Also by various tests and assessment, they came up with quite a few patent-pending technological innovations. Cost was cut down for the benefit of scale application.

Innovation is the source of advancement. Supported by State-level Post-doctoral R&D working station and State-level Technical Center, Zhongfu Lianzhong kept improving its innovation ability to better serve the customers, and to boost the development of China’s New Energy Industry.
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