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Zhongfu CFCC’s Carbon Fiber Cable Core Successfully Applied to China’s Biggest-Span Transmission Line

The end of April, 2014 had seen the successful installment of Zhongfu CFCC’s JLNHX1/F1B -400/50 carbon fiber cable core to Rexiao transmission line over Nanjing Yangtzs River Bridge.

This is the world’s first big-span transmission line reconstruction project to apply carbon fiber cable core. The transmission line, using cables as long as 16.75 kilometers, connects power grids at two sides of the Yangtzs River, playing a crucial role in power supply to the city of Nanjing. The biggest span between the two riversides reached 1107 meters. The reconstruction followed the rules set in 1976 when it was originally designed and built. The service tension was controlled under rated tension. And sag was adjusted to be smaller than its original design to ensure a safe pass-through of ships.

Because the main tower in the transmission line was not included in the reconstruction project, carbon fiber cable core was finally chosen for its bigger current capacity, lighter weight and smaller sag.

The project not only gave a successful precedent for other big-span transmission line reconstruction project, but also promoted the market presence of carbon fiber cable core as well as providing convincing technical support for the future construction of a smart power grid.

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