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Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship., Ltd. Honored Title of “Shandong Provincial Research, Development and Manufacturing Base of Sport Fishing Boat”

Shandong Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries organized the task for the establishment of R&D manufacturing base of sport fishing boat to increase the quality of research, development and manufacturing, and to promote the development of sport fishing boat of Shandong province. After comprehensive assessments to companies, honor of“Shandong Provincial R&D Base of Sport Fishing Boat” was given to Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship., Ltd..

In recent years, we, after considering both domestic and overseas market demands, developed kinetically fashionable sports space with extremely entertaining feeling within the high speed and stable high performance composites boat whose size includes 6.25m, 7.2m, 8.71m, 10.5m, 18m, and 22m. The boats, with great popularity, are widely welcomed by our customers.  

Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship., Ltd., based on this opportunity, will strengthen its R&D and innovation, and continue playing a leading role in domestic boat and ship manufacturing industry. The company dedicates itself in the positive contribution of the development of sport fishing boat. 

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