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The Test Bed for 10 MW Wind Blades Starts Operation in Zhongfu Lianzhong

Zhongfu Lianzhong launched its 10 MW blade test bed on November 30, 2014, and successfully finished the static test for a 5 MW blade of 62 meters in length.

The 10 MW test bed is the second full scale test platform of Zhongfu Lianzhong. It is also the first completely automatic hydraulic loading test bed for 10 MW wind blade which meets the test requirements for large scale blades. The full scale blade static test can be operated at one side of the test bed, and the other side is for full scale blade fatigue test. The test bed is capable of testing blades up to 120m in length with a maximum of 6m blade root in diameter and 120,000KNm root bending moment. The static test could maximally realize 12 points simultaneous loading, and the maximum load of each point reaches 500KN.

The test bed is computer-controlled, and it adopts automatic loading, load holding, and offloading, automatically recording the test data of load, blade deformation, and strain. It is precisely controlled and also measures precisely as well, ensuring the accuracy of tests. The loading system combines multi-sensor information amalgamation technology, Hydraulic servo technology, network communications technology, and intelligent control technology, realizing coordinated and steady change of multipoint load.  

The establishment of 10MW test platform is a new milestone for Zhongfu Lianzhong’s full scale blade test, adding strong momentum.

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