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Symposium on Technical Advancement for Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites
    To improve the comprehensive technical standard and competitiveness of China Composites Corporation(CCGC), promote technological innovation and advancement, fasten the construction of composites base in Lianyungang and make CCGC the leading enterprise in composites industry, CCGC organized and held “Symposium on Technical Advancement for Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites” on June 2 and 3, 2004. Many Chinese experts and professors attended the symposium, which include the ex-dean of FRP Research and Design Institute, Mr. Zhangguixue, ex-superintendent of Haerbin FRP Institute, Mr. Liuqixian, Dean of School of Science of Wuhan University of Technology, Mr. Lizhuoqiu, Dean of School of Material of Nanjing University of Science and Technology , Mr. Taojie. The deputy general engineer of China Building Material Group, Mr. Zhangxiaoming, the GM of China Composites Corporation, Mr. Zhangdingjin, deputy GM, Mr. Xuejirui and Ms. Renguifang were also present at the meeting.
The attendants delivered excellent reports which all give detailed analysis and demonstrations on the fields Zhongfu Lianzhong should touch and also provide pertinent advice on how to upgrade and improve the technological standard. The technical characteristics, methodological equipments and market prospective of the segments of GMT and LFT are analyzed. The NANO technology, NANO composites and FW FRP pipe were introduced at full scale and several new FRP application projects are suggested. The market development of carbon fiber composites is analyzed. The attendant experts point out that in order to maintain sustainable development and market competitiveness, an enterprise must continually carry out research work to obtain new technology and updated products and to adjust the product even the industrial structure according to the changing market demand.
The experts present recommended the new technology and new products as well as how to carry out research and developmental work. They also put forward professional advice to Lianzhong Group on how to innovate the technology and conduct R&D as well as to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the Group. Constructive suggestions on how to build Lianyungang Composites Base were also provided in the symposium.
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