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CCGC Participate a Visit to Japan and Hong Kong for Technology Management
     In order to improve the technology management and inspection level, China Building Material Group organized a visiting team consisting of research and inspection staff in its affiliated entities to Japan and Hong Kong from May 31 to June 14. Mrs. Yanhong of CCGC took part in the visit.
     The team visited MITSUBISHI Materials, NICHIHA, DAIKEN Corporation, Sekisui House, TOYOTA, Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Corporation, Fugro (Hong Kong) Corporation and testing center. The visiting team conducts a deep review and exchanges ideas on the organizational structure of the corporate technology management, outlay source and its management, the management of innovative achievements and their property rights, the cooperation on R&D among entities within the group and quality inspection management. The team also saw the newly innovated technologies and products.

    This visiting journey provides us rich knowledge and makes us realize the gap with the international group. Through the visit, we not only get a deeper understanding on the technology and R&D management mode of the international corporation but enlarge our visions and thinking that will instruct our future management on technical and R&D activities.

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