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The Management of CCGC Meet With Sweden Boat Producer

On 30 March, Mr. Zhangdingjin, general management of CCGC and Mr. Xuejirui, vice general manager of CCGC met with representatives from Sweden Nimbus Boats company and Storebro company. Nimbus Boats, Maxi Yachts, Ryds and Viamare Sea Club are all affiliates of Viamare Group, which is the European earliest boats manufacturer with a history of nearly 30 years. Its products are favored by most of the boat consumers from North Europe and America for their comfort, safety, high quality and unique appearance. In 2003, Nimbus 300 designed and produced by Nimbus won the Best Design Award granted by Sweden Industrial Design Center. During the meeting, the two parties discussed the design of the boat, the construction of the boat dock and the management of the boat club. They also exchanged ideas on the possible cooperation in terms of field and mode. In the end, two parties hoped that they could get to know each other through the meeting and explore the China boat industry together in the near future.

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