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Mr. Song zhiping Met with the Chairman of Wuthelam Holdings ltd

On July 4, Mr.Songzhiping, general manager of China Building Material Group, met Mr.Gohcheng Liang, chairman of Wuthelam Holdings ltd, Singapore. Wuthelam Holdings ltd is one of the most influential industrial group and its business covers real estate, luxury boat, flying boat, wooden floor, information and electronics, plaster, paint and hotel. It is the largest shareholder the Nippon Paint and is one of the main shareholders of Suzhou Industrial Park. Nipsea Group and Nippon Paint, the subsidiaries of Wuthelam Holdings ltd, have kept a long time cooperation and a friendly relationship with China Building Material Group. Mr. Wu came to Beijing this time with the aim to discuss the fundamentals of producing flying boat with Mr. Song. They touched many topic and reached the consensus on flying boat, plaster, wooden floor and modern logistics. Mr. Song hoped that CCGC would carry out concrete cooperation with Mr. Wus company as well as to push forward the cooperation in other fields.

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