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Governor of Jiangsu Province Meet Group Leaders
On June 27, Mr. Liangbaohua, governor of Jiangsu Province, and Mr. Jiangdingzhi, standing vice governor, met Mr. Songzhiping, general manager of China Building Material Group and Mr. Zhangrenwei, chairman of China Building Material Association.
Mr. Songzhiping introduced the Group strategy in Jiangsu Province and he gave a particular presentation on 4 projects in Jiangsu, which were Suzhou Housing Industrial Park, Lianyungang Composites Industrial Garden, Xuzhou New Dry-processing Cement production line and Changzhou production line for glass fiber veil and plastic flooring.

Governor Liangbaohua showed great interest on the matters Mr. Song had introduced. He said that building material industry had been one of important industries of Jiangsu Province. It would be a great help on the development of Jiangsu’s economy if China Building Material Group made investment in Jiangsu to develop composites and new building material. He asked Liangyungan municipal government and its related entities to give full support to China Building Material Group and cooperate closely and provide good service. He also requested with special care on the progress of Lianyungang Composites Industrial Garden and Suzhou Housing Industrial Garden.

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