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The Construction of CCGC Lianyungang Composites Garden Kick-off
On June 28, the ceremony on the construction of CCGC Lianyungang Composites Garden as well as the signature of founding Zhongfu Lianzhong Composites Group Co., Ltd is held in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province.
According to the agreement, CCGC occupied the controlling shares of Lianyungang FRP Group Co., Ltd based on which CCGC will expropriate 5420270 m2 land in Lianyungang to build over 10 high-tech composites projects including big caliber or high pressure filament winding pipe and gas bottle and pleasure boat. Liangzhong Group was incorporated in 1989 and boasts 18 production line for composites with an annual capacity of 15 thousand tons. It plays an important role in China composites industry.
Mr. Songzhiping, general manager of China Building Material Group, delivered a speech in the ceremony. And Mr. Zhangrenwei, Chairman of China Building Material Association, extended his congratulation to the concerning parties and he hoped that Lianzhong would grown to be a leading company in China composites industry and lead the industry to realize further development.
Leaders from China Building Material and Lianyungang municipal government were also at present at the ceremony.
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