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The 10th China International Composites Expo. Closed Successfully in Shanghai
     The 10th China International Composite Expo. is approved by Ministry of Science and Technology, sponsored by China Composites Group Corporation, China FRP Industrial Association and FRP Academy of China Silicate Academy and co-sponsored by Shanghai FRP Research Institute. The Expo is characterized with New such as New material and New Achievements which are all shown on the Expo.
      A pleasure boat, designed and manufactured by Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Ship Co., a subsidiary company of China Composites Group Corporation, is shown and attracts immediate attentions of an Italian client on the Expo. Material expert of National 863 Plan, Mr. Huxianqi, takes his latest research achievement continual basalt fiber technology to the show, which draws great interest in the visitors. As there are good applications and performance in the field of civil engineering, compressed gas bottle, and wind power generation, international carbon fiber suppliers attracts many potential buyers as only several large international corporations can manufacture carbon fiber whose demand is growing rapidly in the international market.
      Dieffenbacher GmbH & Co., KG, who first attends the China Expo, brings their LFT products and Cabot, also first attending the Expo takes their silicon dioxide composites to the show. Both of the products are all new to Chinese visitors. Developed by Chinese company, FRP doors show good performance and draw clients’ attentions. And also in the Expo, FRP moulding companies are also first invited to attend the show.
      Famous composites companies from home and abroad all actively attend the Expo and show their latest products.
At the Expo, there are there delegations drawing extraordinary focus: one is extrusion technology communication delegation headed by director of European Extrusion Technology Association, one is a Japanese delegation headed by President of Japan Reinforced Plastic Association and the other is a group consisting of Taiwan large composites enterprises.
165 attendants from 14 nations exhibit their advanced composites equipments, high methodology and newly developed auxiliary material. The organizer of the Expo organizes a series seminars relating to composites to create a good platform for the exchange of new trends in composites industry.
      On the first day of the Expo, Mr. Zhangrenwei, president of China Building Material Association, Mr. Songzhiping, general manager of China Building Material Group, Mr. Xuraoxiang, general manager of Shanghai Building Material Group, Mr. Xiezhenjiang, editor in chief of China Building Material Magazine and Mr. Zhangdingjin, general manager of China Composites Group visit the Expo.
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