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The relocation ceremony of CCGC
      In the morning of Jan 21, 2005, the relocation ceremony of CCGC was inaugurated in the 15th floor of the Mansion of Chinese Building Material. Mr. Zhang Renwei, the chairman of Chinese Building Material Association, Mr. Song Zhiping, the general manager of Chinese Building Material Corporation, Mr. Xie Zhenjiang, the proprieter of the Chinese Building Material Newspaper Office and Mr. Chen Bo, the vice chairman of Chinese Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics Association attended the ceremony.
      Chairman Zhang and general manager Song unveiled the curtain and expressed their congratulations to the formal inauguration and relocation of CCGC. Chairman Zhang said an enterprise could become strong based on new technology and composite material is a new material and has a bright future. He hoped CCGC could do a good job developing more composite product with higher value and wilder influence and became the leading composite enterprise in the building material market in our country. General Manager Song pointed out that a modernized corporation needed good working environment to enlarge their market influence and the relocation should not only be considered as a environment improvement but also a milestone in the development of CCGC. He also said that to be a leading corporation in this industry the relocation was only a start and the next steps are to reform, foster core speciality and enlarge market influence.
      The board chairman of CCGC, Mr. Zhang Dingjin expressed his gratitude to the guests’ congratulations He also addressed that after the relocation CCGC would come up with strengthened standardization, improved systematic management and effective modern enterprise management mode; CCGC would reinforce its international cooperation and intercommunion and carry on great base construction based on the scientific development ideology; CCGC would boost technology innovation and the core competitive power of the corporation and become the major composite material provider; CCGC would establish and develop its corporate culture, improve its corporate cohesion, keep on learning and improving and meet to requirement of corporate fast growth; CCGC would contribute more and more to the building material industry of our country with the effort of all the stuff. 
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