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Weihai Yacht Exhibited on the China International Yacht Show
      The 10th China International Yacht Show was held from April 8th to 11th in Shanghai. More than 40 Yachts were exhibited and attracted attentions with their advanced design and luxurious appearances. A lot of domestic yacht manufacturers, including Weihai Zhongfu Xigang Boat Co., Ltd, attended the exhibition and competed together with the international yacht tycoons. Mr. Zhangdingjin, GM of China Composites Group Corporation, visited the show and give a positive instructions and comments on what Zhongfu Xigang was doing on the show.
     Zhongfu Xigang exhibited 19-foot economic yacht that got wide appraise from the media with its ingenuity and flexible configuration. It was also deemed as the smallest yacht on the show, which conforms to the situation of the nation as well as the watering situation. Compared with the giants made by the foreign companies, the yacht designed by Zhongfu Xigang becomes the spotlight of the Show. It is completely designed and manufactured by Chinese company and enjoys complete property right. It is compatible to different type of propellers, even to LPG engine.
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