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Changzhou Zhongxin Tianma Glass Fiber Products Co. Ltd.

     Changzhou Zhongxin Tianma Fiberglass Co., Ltd. is a Joint-Venture company established by China Composite Group Corporation,Changzhou Tianma Group Corporation,Ltd.and Johns Manville International B.V. on December 11, 1995 with the total investment of US$19,385,000 and the registered capital of US$11,885,000. China composite Group Corporation is the principal Sharehdder.This company is the predecessor of this company is changzhou Zhougxin Tianma Fiberglass Products CO.Ltd. and specializing in the manufacture of various types of glass fiber mat and their related products.Located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province of China, The equipment and "wet process" technology of the mat line, of which the total capacity is more than 70,000,000 square meters per annum, are all introduced from Schuller GmbH, the world leader in glass fiber mat technology.

    Obtained ISO9001:1994 certification of TUV in 1998, and up_graded to ISO9001:2000 certification of TUV in April, 2002, this company offers a product line of more than 100 versions in 8 series, covering the applications in roofing, flooring, carpet tile, wall covering, pipe wrapping, battery separator, FRP, PCB, etc. Nowadays, the glass fiber mat from the company has excelled its domestic counterparts in terms of capacity, output and product quality. Its glass fiber mat has been well received by its customers at home and abroad.

    As the largest mat producer in this industry in China, Changzhou Zhongxin Tianma Fiberglass Co., Ltd. is striving to develop wider range of products with better quality. Customer's satisfaction is always guaranteed by its high quality products and all round services.

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