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     The predecessor of Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co., Ltd. (SYP) was founded in November 1983, which was then one of the largest joint ventures in China and also one of the earliest setting its base in the Pudong Area. In November 1993, by the successful offering of SYP A and B Shares, the Company became the first public listed company among domestic flat glass manufacturers.In December 1987, the first float glass production line, equipped with float technology introduced from Pilkington and advanced equipment from the developed industrial countries, came into stream. This line is capable of making 185,000 tons of float glass per annum and its product quality is up to Pilkington standards. In March 1994, SYP became the first glass plant in China whose quality management system was certified by SGS as meeting the ISO9002 requirements.
   In catering to the trend that tinted glass was widely used in automobile and construction industries, the Company’s second float glass production line,as the first one in China that is able to make premium quality tinted glass, went into operation in November 1995 on the same site. The total investment ofthis line was Rmb 690 million and its annual capacity is 90,000 tons.
   Following the establishment of its leading position in the industry, SYP has steadily expanded its business into the downstream markets of building andauto products so as to deliver the higher expectation of customers and enhance its competitive strength. In 1993 and 1994, the Company invested in three automotive glass joint ventures in Changchun, Wuhan and Guilin—the three major bases of China’s emerging auto industry. In 1996, the Company invested in Shanghai Sunshine Coating Glass Co., Ltd. and was entrusted to manage itsdaily operations.
In order to achieve the goal of becoming the largest and strongest glass making and processing enterprise in China, the Company has attached greater importance to new product development since 1996. As a result of such a strategy,the Company invested Rmb 340 million to build a glass-processing center, i.e.the Kangqiao plant, in 1996. The world-class equipment and technology in the Kangqiao Plant were introduced from top equipment manufactures around the world, such as Klopper, Leybold of Germany and Tamglass of Finland. The Kangqiao plant started up at the end of 1998 and is a modern plant that is able to make high-quality coating glass, double-glazing glass, laminated glass, temperedglass, enameled glass and mirror plates. The first-class processing equipment and the annual capacity as high as 6 million square meters of the Kangqiao Plant enable SYP to become the most advanced architectural glass processing company as well as a top flat glass manufacturer. The Company can, therefore, be better positioned in the tougher competitive environment.
    In June 2000, SYP acquired 40% of the ownership of Shanghai Fuhua Autoglass Co., Ltd. (now is renamed to Shanghai Yaopi Autoglass Co., Ltd.). This acquisition is another major movement of SYP into the automotive glass field. In August 2000, SYP acquired 75% of the ownership of Guangdong Float Glass Co., Ltd., which is of great importance to SYP for the accomplishment of the company’s strategic goal. As the largest shareholder of these two companies, SYP took charge of their business management, which would further consolidate SYP’s leadership in China’s glass industry.
    The Company persists in its philosophy of “pursuit for continuous improvement” and adopts the strategy of developing or introducing the most advanc edtechnology. Guided by the market demand and thanks to continuous new product development, the technical standard of SYP’s products has always been leading its rivals in China. The float glass, enameled glass, double-glazing glass, laminated glass, coating glass and mirror plates of SYP were appraised tobe Shanghai Renowned Products in 1999. In January 2000, the Glass and Glass Processing R&D center of Shanghai was set up in SYP, and the Low-E Coating Glass developed by the R&D center was awarded the Third Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Development in August 2000. In July 2000, SYP passed theISO14001 assessment conducted by SGS and became the first glass manufacturerin China who obtains the internationally acknowledged green pass.
        Years’ exploration has helped the production and economic efficiency of SYP be close to the best international practice. The Company has been listed as one of the Top Ten Joint Ventures in China for three times and been continuously awarded as one of the Best Profit-making and Forex-earning Joint Ventures in China ever since 1989. The Company’s total assets already reaches Rmb 2.6 billion. What’s more important is that the concept of self-overpassing and innovation has been widely accepted by all SYP staff.  With the solid foundation already laid and the persistent efforts for outstanding performance, it is redic table that Shanghai Yaohua Pilkingtong will remain the best in China’s glass industry in the 21st century.

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