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CCGC will build the Asia Largest Glass Fiber Mat Base
     With regards to the development of world mat processing technology and the wide usage of the fiber glass mat, China Composites Corporation works out a strategy of enlarge its production capacity of fiber glass mat with an investment of 200 million RMB.
     Zhongxin Tianma Glass Fiber Co., the subsidiary company of CCGC, is now possessing one glass fiber mat line with a production capacity of 70 million square meters mat of 2.2 m width per year, which is introduced from professional mat manufacturer Schuller GmbH. Through absorbing the technology of roof mat and floor mat, Zhongxin Tianma develops more than 100 types of mat, covering carpet tile mat, flooring glassfiber mat, FRP surfacing, covering mat, PCB glass fiber mat, battery separator mat and pipe wrap glassfiber mat. The know-how and equipments of Zhongxin Tianma is the most advanced in China and its product quality is ranked the same level as that of Schuller GmbH, which represents the most advanced technology in the world.
      As the market demand is growing, Zhongxin Tianma introduces the second mat production line with a capacity of 140 million m2 of 2.2m wide glass fiber mat per year. Now, the second line has been in progress. It will focus on special mat with world advanced wet processing method and the designed production speed will reach 200m per minute. Once put into production in the third quarter of this year, the production capacity of the two mat line will be totaled to 210 million square meters per year, thus will become the largest Chinese glass fiber mat production base.
     With the smooth installation of the second line, CCGC has put forward a plan to introduce the third production line with an aim to realize the annual production to 300 million square meters and increase the product width to 4.2m. The new planned line will aim to enhance quality and reduce the cost with a mass production so as to reinforce the competitiveness of the company in glass fiber product field. The third line will start to build in the second half of year 2005 and put into production in 2006. If the new line would put into production, the total production capacity of the company would have reached 510 million square meters and the sales income will increase to about 400 million RMB per year.
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